Williams Shoebucks Reward Program Terms And Conditions

By opening a Williams account via our online website www.williamsshoes.com.au or in-store via our store point-of-sale system you agree that

  • You have read and accepted these reward program rules; and you have read and accepted the website terms of use. 
  • You consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by the company to service the loyalty program benefits and rewards in accordance with our privacy policy.  

Williams Shoebucks rewards and benefits terms and conditions are outlined below:

  • Williams Shoebucks Instant Rewards Program is free to join. 
  • Shoebucks members must be 18 years or older and be registered with a unique email address.
  • Shoebucks members joining in store or online will be required to provide their full name and valid email address. 
  • Additional customer information is optional but may result in a member not receiving rewards that relies on this specific information being recorded. 
  • It is the members' sole responsibility to provide correct information that will enable Williams to contact them about their rewards, benefits, offers, competitions, or other promotional material.
  • Shoebucks members may update their profile at any time by visiting the website and logging into their account. The email field is unable to be edited once the account is finalised. If an email needs to be changed the member will need to create a new account.   
  • The email address used to open the Williams account must be accessible by the member and not already used with an existing Williams account. 
  • Customer can only have one Williams Shoebucks account and the account is not transferrable. We reserve the right to modify, refuse or terminate a member’s account.
  • Any customer with an existing William account prior to the Shoebucks reward program commencement date will be automatically allocated to the Williams Shoebucks Rewards Program ‘All Members’ tier. Existing members will not be issued a welcome reward.
  • Members cannot transfer their account or Rewards to another person. 
  • Members must be logged in online or assigned to cart instore for rewards or everyday benefits to apply at checkout and for the transaction value to count towards their Shoebucks profile.
  • A member will receive notification via email once a reward is added to their account only if they have opted-in to receive communications from Williams shoes. 
  • A member may opt-out of communication at any time but understands that reward notification will discontinue until otherwise altered by the member.
  • All rewards are valid for 30 days from the date awarded to a member's account, unless otherwise stated. 
  • All rewards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. 
  • Any outstanding reward value will be lost if the discount exceeds the value of the cart.
  • If you return a product that was purchased using a reward, you will forfeit the value of that reward.
  • Rewards will be assigned to a member's account as promptly as possible in accordance with our system capabilities and in-line with our earning rules. 
  • Members can view their Rewards at any time by logging into their account online. 
  • Rewards can only be redeemed at Williams stores in Australia or online at williamsshoes.com.au.
  • Williams will not be held liable if Rewards are not able to be redeemed for any reason but specifically, technical issues including but not limited to software or hardware failure or an EFTPOS malfunction.
  • Rewards can only be redeemed once and must be redeemed before expiry date.  

Additional conditions may apply as outlined below.  

Welcome Reward

The welcome reward is awarded to members who join the Shoebucks Club upon opening an instore or online account for the first time.  
The Reward will be assigned to a member's account within 24-48 hrs. of becoming a member.  
Members must login to their online account or be assigned to the cart instore for the reward to be visible and applied at checkout.  
Members must spend $30 or more on full priced items, in one transaction for the $10 welcome reward to be applied at checkout.  

Birthday Rewards

The birthday reward is awarded to members who provide a valid birthday via their Williams account. 
Birth date can be added to a members account instore or online via the ‘my account’ page.  
If your birthday is within the next 30 days of post registering, your reward will be granted in delay, up to 30 days. 
Only one birthday reward will be granted to a member each calendar year. 
Birthday reward value is defined by the tier the member appears in.  

  • All members will receive a $15 birthday reward.  
  • Silver members will receive a $30 birthday reward.
  • Gold members will receive a $40 birthday reward.

Members must login to their online account or be assigned to the cart instore for the reward to be visible and applied at checkout.  

It is the sole responsibility of members to provide their true birth details at registration. Fraud prevention measures are enabled to prevent misuse. If for any reason the date was incorrectly captured, members can amend it by logging into their online account and updating their birthday found in the ‘my account’ page. Only one birthday reward will be granted to a member each calendar year. If a member has been issued a birthday reward prior to any changes they will not receive another birthday reward until 12 months have passed and the new birth date has been reached.  

Anniversary Rewards 

The anniversary reward is awarded to members based on the date a member opened a Williams account instore or online.  
Anniversary date is defined as the date of account creation. 
Anniversary reward value is defined by the tier the member appears in at time of reward being issue.  

  • All members will receive a $10 anniversary reward.
  • Silver members will receive a $20 anniversary reward.
  • Gold members will receive a $30 anniversary reward.

Members must login to their online account or be assigned to the cart instore for the reward to be visible and applied at checkout.  

Referral Reward 

Williams refer a friend program is a fantastic way to share your love of shoes with friends.  
A member must be logged into their online account to be able to refer a friend.  
A member can refer multiple friends, but only once and the friend/s must not have made a purchase previously at Williams to qualify.  
A member cannot refer themselves to earn a referral reward or offer.  

Members ‘refer a friend’ rewards

  • Once your friend places an order using your unique code, you will earn one $10 reward for your next order.
  • To ensure you are rewarded for each new referral, your referred friend/s must use the unique
    code when placing their first order. 
  • Members must login to their online account or be assigned to the cart instore for the reward to be visible and applied at checkout.  

Referred Friend

  • Can open a Williams account to become a Shoebucks member and start earning rewards and referring their own friends.
  • Can redeem referral offer by entering the unique code at check out. Discount available on full priced items only. The discount (unique code) must be used in a single transaction. A minimum order value of $50 or more must be reached before the discount can be applied.
  • Can get the unique code by clicking on the received email notifying them of the referral offer and copying the code from the website pop-up once on the Williams website.  
  • Can only redeem referral offer if they have never made an instore or online purchase from Williams before.

If a referred friend cancels their first order, then Williams will cancel any rewards given to the referring members account. 

Williams has the right to audit, verify, cancel and or refuse orders where we have reasonable grounds to suspect a referred friend or order is being made under fraudulent methods. 

Tier Rewards 

Tier rewards are awarded to members based on their annual spending over a 12-month period.  
Members will receive a silver tier reward once they have spent $200.
Members will receive a gold tier reward once they have spent $350 or more. 
Member will only be issued the tier reward after the returns period of 30 days has passed and their annual spend has not changed. 
For members that complete a purchase and skip a tier level they will not receive the missed tier level rewards. 

Redeeming Rewards

Shoebucks rewards can be redeemed in store or online. 
Shoebucks member must identify themselves using the email address they used to sign up to the program, at the count in store or log into their account online. 
Available rewards can be assigned to the cart by a team member instore. 
Members can select available rewards and apply to cart at checkout. 
Rewards are valid for 30 days from date of issue. 
Welcome reward requires a minimum spend of $30 for $10 discount to apply. 

Second Pair Half Price

The second pair half price benefit is available to Williams Shoebucks members only. 
Second pair half price benefit will be automatically applied to checkout once the following criteria is achieved:  

  • Members must login to their online account or be assigned to the cart instore.
  • Not available in conjunction with any other promotions or team member discount.
  • The second pair half price benefit can be used in conjunction with loyalty rewards.
  • Available on full-priced and permanent markdown products only.
  • Members must have two pairs of shoes in cart for offer to be applied at checkout.
  • The discount will be applied proportionally to both pairs of shoes in the same transaction. 
  • The second pair must be of equal or lesser value and purchased in the same transaction.
  • Offer not available on Lynx Blue products, gift cards or shoe care. 
  • If you cancel or return your items, the value of the discount against the returned item as specified on your receipt will be deducted from the return. 

Free Delivery

Free delivery is offered to all Australian Shoebucks members for orders valued at $65 or over. 
Shoebucks members must be logged in online for free delivery benefit to be automatically applied at checkout. Shoebucks rewards cannot be redeemed against any shipping costs. 
Free delivery is valid for Australian standard ground shipping within the Australian mainland and Tasmania. All orders under the value of $65 will incur a delivery fee. 
We currently offer international shipping to New Zealand with a flat rate of $15 for delivery on all orders. Local customers may add charges during delivery. We do not deliver outside of Australia and New Zealand. 


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, or have simply changed your mind, we are happy to offer an exchange or refund. Please ensure that the items you want to return/exchange meet our Returns Policy requirements https://www.williamsshoes.com.au/returns.    

  • The Return or Exchange is made within 30 days of purchase.
  • The item is unworn and in its original condition and packaging, including original tags attached.
  • There must be no damage or signs of wear, such as scratches or sole markings.
  • You must provide proof of purchase to return or exchange goods.

Shoebucks Rewards:  

Members will advance to a new tier post 30 days of purchase.  
If a member makes a return within our 30 days return policy, a reversal of their tier status may occur in which case any rewards earned will not be issued.  
The value of any return made after the 30 days return policy could also contribute to a member's tier status dropping if their annual spending no longer reaches the required tier entry threshold.  

Gift Cards 

A member cannot use Shoebucks rewards to purchase a Williams Gift card.  
Any Williams gift card purchased by a member, when logged in online or assigned to cart instore, using cash or credit will earn the value of that gift card purchased towards their tier spend.  


On opening a Willliams account, the customer will become an ‘All Members’ Shoebucks member. 
Tiers are earned based on net accumulative spend (after all discounts and savings) within a 12-month period.  
When a member completes a transaction in-store or online and identifies themselves before checking out by way of being assigned to cart instore or logging into their account online the net amount of the purchase is added to their annual spend and tier spend threshold on the day transaction is made.

Williams Shoebucks Tier Entry Thresholds:

  • All Member – activated from the date of customer opening a Williams account instore or online.  
  • Silver – achieved when a member spends $200-$349.99c (within a 12mth period)
  • Gold – achieved when a member spends $350+ (within a 12mth period)  

A 12-month timer is activated once a member enters a new tier.    

Williams Shoebucks Tier Retention Thresholds:

A member will retain a tier by spending the related minimum entry threshold within the 12month period.  

  • All members – members who spend under $200 (within a 12–month period) will retain tier.
  • Gold – members who spend $350+ (within a 12–month period) will retain tier.

A member who does not meet the tier retention criteria within the 12-month period will drop to their respective tier based on spending achieved. For example, a gold tier member who spends $250 will drop to silver tier as their spend in the last 12months was more than the entry threshold required for Silver ($200+)  

Members will receive a tier entry reward when they first enter a tier and when they re-enter a tier due to annual spending. A member will not receive a reward when maintaining the tier or dropping a tier.  
Any customer with an existing Williams account prior to the Shoebucks rewards program commencement date will be assigned to the Williams Shoebucks Rewards Program ‘all members’ tier. 


Williams Shoebucks Club benefits, offers, rewards and services are subject to availability and may be changed by the Company at any time without notice.  

Williams takes no responsibility or accepts any liability for Member emails that are lost, misdirected, or are not received.

Williams accepts no liability for any technical issues that may occur or may cause damage to any computer related to or used in connection with the Williams Shoebucks Rewards Program. 
Rewards cannot be sold, transferred or redeemable for cash. Rewards cannot be used to make purchases for such items, including but not limited to gift cards. Rewards do not represent legal tender in any country.

Williams may, at any time request a member provides to Williams proof of their identification to verify the legitimacy of a member's membership and that they comply with the Williams Shoebucks terms and conditions. Failure to provide proof of identification may result in termination of a member's involvement in the Williams Shoebucks Rewards Program.

We reserve the right to withdraw, cancel or vary the Shoebucks reward account without notice including without limitation rewards awarded in error or rewards earned fraudulently. We may immediately suspend, terminate, or limit your access to and use of the Loyalty Rewards Program and, where relevant, your account, if we reasonably suspect that you have committed a fraudulent act and/or you breach these terms and conditions.

If a Member wishes to no longer hold a Williams account, they may request in writing for their account to be deleted by contacting privacy@munrofg.com. Account deletion will result in Shoebucks rewards and benefits to be cancelled. We will use our best endeavors and comply with all legal requirements within a reasonable timeframe to delete your Personal Information, unless we are required by law to retain such information. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy  

Rewards cannot be retrospectively applied to any member's account.         

The Company may terminate the Loyalty Program, in whole or in part, with six (6) months' advance notice to all active Loyalty Members and with less than six months' notice in any jurisdiction if required to do so by applicable law. 

Munro Footwear Group is committed to ensuring that any Personal Information collected during the course of our operations is treated with respect and managed responsibly at all times.

We may update these terms and conditions from time to time, in which case we will post the changes on our website. Please refer to this page to review any amendments in conjunction with our general terms and conditions.